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"HOMERIK" - Digital Album

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Get a digital .WAV copy ONLY of the "Homerik" album:


The beginning of the end... this is the debut album of HOMERIK! Enter the room: 

As you enter the room, the fire crackling from a burgeoning fireplace, you walk beneath an ornate chandelier; solemnly dimming the walls with a faint yellow eerie glow. The chandelier is quietly fostered by a few small candelabras hanging alongside the walls. You pan around and take notice of the many curiously exquisite paintings that dress them. As you walk by, the paintings emit emotions to you. It is as if you were gazing into the eyes of another soul. 

A big, red chair sits in front of the fireplace, and a sword lies on the floor sprawled out of a cane's hidden sheath. Smeared with blood, the sword exhibits the emotions of malicious intent and evil. Nearby, on top of a nightstand, a teddy bear lies lit only by the light of an effervescent midnight moon. It sings to you a familiar song about its rightful owner...