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"Wendigo" - Single

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A Native-American folk tale, the Wendigo is the transformation of a man into beast. The beast feasts on the carcasses of other humans, but, ever growing in size will never feel satiated. It's body grows, always faster and bigger than its rate of ingestion. Set in the African Congo, the Wendigo is pictured as one of the local tribesman against a Catholic missionary. This is actually a juxtaposition. 

When the Europeans colonized regions of Africa, they brought with them a religion to overcome the native people. This empire, having had overwhelming influence and power, changed many traditions. However, the ancient books were used as a means of confusion - leaving the natives to fend off in the darkness of indoctrination. What they did not realize was that the hunger that resided in the natives to be set free was greater than their will to succumb to their new masters. 

It became a platform for rebellion - one that would reveal the true Wendigo of humanity: religion and its cannibalistic nature to consume our lives for political and social gain.